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I love podcasts.

I’ve produced them, I listen to them (although not as much as I’d like), I advise people on making their own podcasts.

They are a genuinely special medium. Have You Seen George’s Podcast is a prime (and award-winning) exemplar of podcasts stretched to their extremes of storytelling, soundscapes and powerful takeaways.

But for me, there is a show in particular that I always keep coming back to.

The host of How I Built This, Guy Raz, sits down with founders, innovators and entrepreneurs, diving into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies.

As someone…

Yesterday, I had the privilege of hosting Perth’s first TEDxYouth event.

It was a big day.

400 people filled the State Theatre Centre of WA to hear from 9 speakers, watch 3 films and take in 3 live performances.

It was originally planned for a year ago. But, alas, COVID — we had to call it off on the 11th hour.

So here we are, ready to go a year on, finally able to deliver this event.

Event kicks offs at 1pm, doors open 12:30pm, people arriving from 12:00pm, and the team and I were there from 9am.

I was…

Social media. An interesting term with interesting meanings.

Social is literally defined as:

“needing companionship and thus best suited to living in communities.”

And media, well:

“the main means of mass communication”

“Communication” and “Communities” sound quite similar, don’t they?

That’s because they come from the same word, ‘communis’, which is latin for “common, public, general.”


I used to be most social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat — and I’ve deleted every account except for LinkedIn. Why?

I love boredom. It links to my thoughts on curiosity. It’s a whole post (maybe a book) in itself…


I’m definitely at a cross roads.

I can see I have options, and choices. There are opportunity costs to consider, and also sunk costs to ignore.

Currently, I’m working casually 4 days a week at a med-tech startup, and I’ve just started a business degree at Curtin. I’ve got a couple of “evenings and weekends” projects that I’m spending a small amount of time on, but nothing yet that I want to go all in on.

However, with all these extra projects and opportunities, I suspect there might be soon.

So what to consider? There are financial and career risks…

Carrying on from the last piece on Creativity. Mindfulness exists in a similar space to creating.

When we create, we add stuff into an empty brain to fill it up.

When we choose to be mindful, we take a busy brain and choose to empty it and keep it empty for a moment, or two.

There is a distinct difference, but a binding similarity between the two. One that speaks to pushing and pulling, giving and taking.

Mindfulness is also something I’d like to learn to do more of.

That’s my thoughts.

It’s a question I’ve asked myself plenty of times before.

And it came up again this week, during an altMBA prompt,

‘Am I creative?’

When I started to reflect on this more than I have before, it came down to that deeper question, ‘What is creativity?’

I always thought the creative muscle was one only flexed by canvas artists and song writers…

Okay, sure, there were plenty more ‘creatives.’ But it was all an art-form, an expression, a tangible thing.

I was never good at being this definition of ‘creative.’

I would draw silly looking pictures and make silly sounding…

Today, I start.

I chose to write daily on Wednesday 10 Mar 21 (yesterday), as part of my final prompt in the 4-week altMBA program.

This is me following through.

Last night I didn’t get to bed early. But I still chose to wake up. Because if I didn’t start this today, it would be even harder tomorrow.

Recently, I’ve been exploring time (and how much I have of it) more and more. For the past few weeks, I’ve been going to work an hour early. Getting to the office around 8am and using the hour for my extra commitments.

We often hear about how content marketing can have an impact, especially in the context of business. Metrics and back-links being the usual talking points. But we rarely look at how the content itself can have an impact.

First, let’s set some ground rules.

Content — the ideas that are contained in something

Impact (for good) — a powerful effect that something has on someone or something

Great. So back to the title. How content can have an impact. …

When I watched those awe-inspiring TED Talks from around the globe, like most of us have done at least once, I never stopped to think what the process is like to have that video made.

Not necessarily the editing, or rental cost for the cameras…but more the stories, the people and the places that make those 18 minutes or less possible.

This is the story of how, when my own big idea came together, coincidentally, the TEDxPerth doors had just opened for 2018. And how, on the 3rd of November last year, I gave my first ever TEDx talk. Each…

We parked around the corner from their location. Stepping out of our 2004 Toyota Camry, we walked to the meter, spent five minutes working out what button to press, and then payed the laughable parking fee. You know when you shake violently as if it’s a brisk winters morning, but it’s actually 24 degrees and you’re just nervous? Yeah, that. The meeting, while a big deal for me, was probably just another day in the office for the team at Draw History. Walking up the suburban curb, we approached the wrought iron clad door, and took in the splashes of…

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