How They Built That 🎧 — DW 26/3/21

I love podcasts.

I’ve produced them, I listen to them (although not as much as I’d like), I advise people on making their own podcasts.

They are a genuinely special medium. Have You Seen George’s Podcast is a prime (and award-winning) exemplar of podcasts stretched to their extremes of storytelling, soundscapes and powerful takeaways.

But for me, there is a show in particular that I always keep coming back to.

The host of How I Built This, Guy Raz, sits down with founders, innovators and entrepreneurs, diving into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies.

As someone who wants to start my own thing one day, I find these founder journeys so captivating. It’s pulled together with a narrative that is rhythmic, paced and exciting. It mirrors the ebbs and flows of the story, and is such easy listening.

With the advent of Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and other (great) voice-tech bringing about spontaneous, casual discussion, it’s still so good to hear slower, more narrative-based work with valuable insights like these couple of shows I’ve mentioned.

We shouldn’t lose sight of where this all came from. The old-wave radio shows of the 20th century that paved the way for audio narratives in the years that followed.

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